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A Letter To Nana Addo; You Are My Hero


A Letter To Nana Addo; You Are My Hero

Dear Nana,

I am sure you are not a very happy man now. To have your greatest ambition dashed this way is not easy to manage.

I encourage you to be the strong man you are in this difficult moment. There are millions whose hopes have been truncated along with yours.

Please rise from the pains.

Nana, your dream of being President, which you have nurtured since 1992 shows how resolute you are. Your tenacity, wisdom and unflinching perseverance is inspiring. There are few men like you.

Few men, who can arouse so much confidence from the thousands - even millions of Ghanians. You may not be president today, but Nana you are highly esteemed in the minds and hearts of many.

Your story will be told to generations unborn: That one of the rarest of men, with the heart of flint strolled these soils of Nima, Kejetia, and Abuakwa.

I am challenged to pursue my dreams and ambitions like you have done over the years. I am persuaded to scale the walls and cross the oceans of limitations on my path in pursuit of my happiness and that of my generation.... like you have endeavored to; sacrificing mountains of worth, dedication and immeasurable resource.

Your experience tells me to approach these audacious dreams with a caution that not all dreams come true. Yet I must dream big. I am proud that your life has drilled this lesson deeper into the depths of my heart and soul.

You are my Hero.

Thank you for being you.


Kwaku Owusu Peprah.



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