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Mrs Naadu Mills Is Too Petty


Photo ReportingMrs Naadu Mills Is Too Petty

President Mills in death achieved what he dearly wanted to bequeath to the country without success due to the blabbermouth schoolboys who formed his communication team. In life, President Mills preached tolerance though he failed to rein his Aides in when they insulted their elders some of them old enough to be their grandfathers but President Mills failed to dismiss even one of them to show that he was really serious about clamping on politics of insults. If President Mills has a foible, it was pettiness which he shared with his wife.

Mrs Naadu Mills should let this pay back characteristic she has evaporate and forgive those she perceive to be her enemies. The way she left the viewing area unceremoniously after the NDC Officials finished viewing Mills body without acknowledging a single opposition member or Rawlings entourage was really 'unlady like'.

There is something about Mrs Ernestina Naadu Mills that is not admirable. I know this is not the time to resort to party politics but it is just sophomoric to resort to this juvenilistic pettiness she showed on the first day of President Mills viewing. It might not have been noticed by a lot of people but the moment the NDC influential Politicians finished filing through the viewing line, Naadu left the rest of the family without receiving and acknowledging the opposition members.

The same kind of pettines led to President Mills not having a relationship with his only son because that was not her biological child which led to President Mills sending Sam Mills to his sisters in Cape Coast before little Sam's mother finally brough him to England.

I believe Mrs Naadu Mills abrupt leaving was planned in such a way that, she will have an opportunity to avoid Former Presidents Rawlings and Kuffour entourages after receiving the NDC members, this is not the time to show this pettiness. This is how Naadu pettiness played out.

"11:11 President John Mahama preparing to start the filing past the body. He is making his way into the Banquet Hall.

11:12 Former First Lady, Naadu Mills following the president.

11:12 President filing past the body.

11:13 President Mahama has just finished filing past the body of his late boss. He is shaking hands with family members.

11:13 Naadu Mills is standing at the foot of the body of her late husband.

11:15 Vice President Amissah-arthur has just filed past the body. He is shaking hands with family members of the late president.

11:17 President Mahama and his vice are leaving the grounds.

11:19 House Speaker Bamford-Addo and Deputy Speaker have just filed past the body.

11:20 Mrs Mary-Grant, Chief Justice Wood, Sheikh IC Quaye have just filed past the body.

11:21 Naadu Mills is sitting with the family and receiving greetings.

11:22 Kofi Awoonor, Chairman of the Council of State just took his turn. Followed by Ato Ahwoi, Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, Arnold Quainoo.

11:25 Attorney-General Benjamin Kunbuor and members of the clergy filing past the body.

12:03 Former President JA Kufuor has just arrived at the State House. Mr Kufuor and his wife Mrs Theresa Kufuor has just arrived with his former vice Aliu Mahama.

12:07 He just entered the house.

12:08 NPP party officials, led by chairman Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey are also entering the house.

12:09 Mr Kufuor greets family of the late president, but he did not get the chance to greet former first lady Naadu Mills because she has left the place. "

Former President Rawlings and his entourage including Nana Konadu Agyeman filed pass Mills casket without Naadu being there to greet them, that was not right. If Naadu had a medical or bathroom emergency, then I apologise but I don't believe so.

We have an adage in Akan that goes like this;


Naadu has to recognize that, without Rawlings, Mills would have died maybe sooner or later but at least he made Mills what he was. Mills will not be receiving this recognition if he has died as a University Professor and Rawlings made him the President, that is a fact. There was no way Mills would have become the Presidential candidate of NDC if Mills had not imposed him on established NDC members who wanted to be the Presidential candidate in 2000 in what is now known as the Swedru declaration.

Even if Former President Rawlings was too harsh on his criticism against her husband, I don't think Rawlings hate Mills personally. He might have entered into a secret agreement with Mills where Mills was supposed to serve only one term and endorse Nana Konadu Agyeman in 2012 but Mills failed to carry the end of his bargain when he did not appoint some people Rawlings wanted him to appoint. Mills signed a contract with the devil and he paid a price for it because the Ahwois got hold of his soul and played him like a yoyo.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas




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