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On Ministerial Appointments: President Mahama “Cannot” Be Serious


President John Dramani MahamaOn Ministerial Appointments: President Mahama “Cannot” Be Serious

Looking at President Mahama’s supererogatory appointments, I am beginning to suspect that he, President Mahama, does not admire ‘lean and fitter’ policy.

But, meta-analysis of successful organisations and well-off countries would reveal grandiose relevance in keeping small teams. This is because, it is quality that matters not quantity. In other words, we require “massive leadership, but not superfluous personnel”.

Considering that the country is undergoing throes of economic collapse, one would expect downsizing, but not gratuitous appointments. For, a moment’s reflection by any serious and committed leadership will acknowledge that the way forward is to indulge in frugality, and then turn a blind eye to profligacy.

Marching on to meaningful development, it is extremely important that we focus on our priorities. Yes, we may have scarce resources; nevertheless, we can progress steadily if we take pragmatic approach. For, it is pretty obvious that we cannot fetch water with a basket, or a leaking bucket, but this is exactly what our visionless leaders’ have been doing over the years. How bizarre?

Interestingly, there is a school of thought who frets that President Mahama is seeking to create jobs for his minions, and hence appointing more ministers than usual. Indeed, this has been the practice in Ghanaian politics;’ it is the case of creating jobs for the boys’ and girls’ who had ensured the party’s electoral victory.

Of course, you can reward your supporters; however, it should never be at the expense of tax payers, because we, Ghanaians, do not owe any party supporter a debt of gratitude.

“The Energy & Petroleum, Food & Agric, Education, Information and Gender, Children & Social Protection ministries each have two deputy ministerial appointments”(Myjoyonline.com/Ghanaweb.com, 28/03/2013).

It is indeed fuddling, and beyond comprehension that we should have two deputy ministers in some ministries. Yes, some NDC applepolishers would argue that, those ministries have extensive workloads. Nevertheless, my bone of contention is that, those ministries boast of copious civil servants who can support the substantive minister to achieve any targets. So appointing two deputy ministers is an absolute spendthrift, more than anything else.

For me, such action will unnecessarily put immense pressure on the already mired economy.

Apparently, discerning Ghanaians do not have confidence in our politicians; they are heartless, otherwise how can they behave like that?

Ironically, we boast of abundant natural resources, nevertheless, the masses don’t get any meaningful benefits to show for. Our leaders’ are indeed wisdom deficient, otherwise how can we command all these resources and be the poorest in the world?

The fact of the matter is we have leaders’ who are greedy and fraudulent; have no vision, they are only thinking of themselves and their cronies. How can we develop as a nation with leaders’ who have no foresight?

In fact, our visionless politicians should bow their heads in shame and accept the fact that so long as they have no vision; so long as they are myopic and don’t think that every Ghanaian deserves better, Ghana will probably sink deeper and deeper into the mire.

And, so long as we have Leaders that have no clue, and are greedy and incompetent, we shall forever remain "Modern day Slaves".

Disappointingly, we began with the likes of South Korea, Malaysia and Brazil-Look at where they are. Making cars, Mobile phones, electronics, good roads, good housing, and pragmatic programmes to developed their respective countries; and just look at where we are today. It is sad indeed.

Regrettably, we now go to those countries we began life with, and beg for donations, or borrow money--do you recall STX? I weep for Ghana.

“We need LEADERSHIP. We need Leadership with vision and ideas, selfless Leadership devoid of greed, Incompetence, cronyism and capable of transforming us into an industrialized and robust economy.”

“We are not serious as a nation, are we?”

Source: By K. Badu, UK.



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