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Photo Reporting: The Parliament of Ghanaian The fate of Ghana revealed

Part one

1. At the dawn of the depressive year, two thousand and thirteen years after the demise of Issa the Enlightened one, when the nations had made my continent a theater of their wars; when the priests and the prophets and the scholars demanded gold in place of righteousness; when my people’s heads were examined for a smidgen of intelligence where none was found; when doom and gloom beset the nation because of division among the tribes, and the scholars of the land smote deadly sin upon the masses and nasally propounded abstractions as their lessons in life.


Wo ye Ghananii, enna wonte Twi?

Forty years ago, no Ghanaian will ask her fellow citizen such a question. It was uncalled for and nobody even thought to ask it. Today, the question is all too often asked especially of Ghanaians abroad. Those who are asked do not quite enjoy it.

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