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Who Constituted The 64 Commando Regiment?

Who Constituted The 64 Regiment?

…ARTS, BOOKS & PROFILES ON THE 64 COMMANDO REGIMENT OF THE GHANA ARMED FORCES- Following the successful recruitment in the 1980s and training of some handful young men in Cuba, who were to form the nucleus of what was to be known and called the Force Reserve Unit (FRU) and its successor units- the Forces Reserve Battalion (FRB) and more recently the 64 Regiment, outside of the traditional armed forces settings, and the word commando, became popularized in the Ghanaian defence and national security architecture in the 1980s, both the Ghanaian media, and those of abroad, not forgetting the Ghana Armed Forces itself, who even recruited them, had had the cause for castigating the group, whose origins and mission, had hitherto and probably, even of today, been shrouded in secrecy.






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