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Leading British entrepreneur Simon Dolan: Degrees are worthless


Simon Dolan at home in his multi-million pound Buckinghamshire pad (Copyright: Rex)A British entrepreneur worth more than £100m has said that degrees are “worthless” and that many university courses available across the UK are “ridiculous”.

Self-made multimillionaire Simon Dolan left school at the age of 16 and went on to form a business empire which now turns over close to £100m a year, putting him 703rd on the Sunday Times Rich List.

Known for taking risky business ventures, Dolan became recognised as the world’s first “Twitter Dragon” after investing more than £5m of his own money on business pitches composed of no more than 140 characters.

Managing a staff of more than 200 people, he told Yahoo! Finance that “younger, brighter candidates are much more employable” than university graduates.

“No matter what the government say we know that the current system doesn’t work,” he said. “As an employer myself I know a degree is worthless, every other employer I speak to says the same in the main part. University is not the issue of whether you had a good time or not it is the whether you will be employable at the end of it.

“Graduates come out with a self-right to not have to flip burgers even if it is the only job they can get.

"Schools need to educate children to become fully rounded human beings and not make them just pass exams so they can get to university. "I think a far larger part needs to be taken with how to be useful in an office or work environment."

Source: Adam Parris-Long/Yahoo! Finance UK



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