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Coup D’état Is Imminent


Chairman of the UK/Ireland branch of the New Patriotic Party, Hayford Atta-KrufiCoup D’état Is Imminent

Chairman of the UK/Ireland branch of the New Patriotic Party, Hayford Atta-Krufi

The Chairman of the UK/Ireland branch of the New Patriotic Party, Hayford Atta-Krufi has given a strong indication that coup d’état could be imminent in Ghana, if the John Mahama-led NDC government does not take steps to reverse the harsh conditions Ghanaians are going through.

He has expressed his sentiments over the bad policies being implemented; “the cancerous corruption that has infected every department of the government, and the lack of visionary direction by the government is what could lead this kind of action”.

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Chairman Atta-Krufi who spoke to the media in London ahead of a demonstration Ghanaians in the Diaspora are planning this Friday (12/04/13) noted that given the fragile nature of our democracy, the unwarranted abuse of power, and the massive corruption involving government officials; he would not be surprised if somebody takes the gun and destroy our hard won democracy.

The demonstration which will take place in the Belgravia Square in central London around 10am will be to press home the demand for government to take actions that will give respite and provide hope for the people of Ghana, maintaining that Ghanaians are going through too much hardship.

He stressed that Ghana as a nation is sitting on a time bomb stating that the only antidote that could save the nation from the imminent danger is a Supreme Court’s decision that will go in favour of the NPP. He emphasised that the people have lost hope in the NDC government that a return of the NPP government is what will restore the hope. He asserted that all hands must come on deck to avoid a situation where Ghana could revisit those dark days in 1979 and 1983 where the military seized and controlled power from their arm and made unilateral decisions for Ghanaians.

The Chairman maintained that today the circumstances that catapulted those horrendous coups have evaporated to escalating heights sending the right signals of the danger the nation sits on.

Chairman Krufi who was quick to make reference from historical antecedents to the 1979/83 coups said the protagonist and the architect of the coup that overthrew a constitutionally elected government because the government at the time had been accused of mass corruption, lack of transparency, and were embroiled in an excessive abuse of social justice.

The above, he maintained, were the tenets and the foundations that catapulted those upheavals and military take-overs. The NPP UK/Ireland Chairman emphatically mentioned that the circumstances of today far come in excess of what necessitated those coup d’états orchestrated by Jerry Rawlings in 1979/83.

Corroborating his claim, Chairman Krufi said corruption has become cancerous that every department of the current government is affected.

“The government invested over 33 million Ghana cedis in afforestation where one tree cannot even be seen at the project site. Besides, the 15 million Ghana cedis also invested in a guinea fowl project has also become a farce. Notwithstanding, Ghanaians have had to go through a daily routine of erratic power (“dumso, dumso”) which has undermined many small-scale businesses”.

Chairman Atta-Krufi did not also spare the Supreme Court judges who are handling the landmark case involving Nana Akufo- Addo, Jake Obetsbi Lamptay, and Dr. Bawumia over the purported electoral fraud and rather charged them to be circumspect, principled ensuring that justice is delivered to the people of Ghana.

Source: NPP Communccations Directorte



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