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Who Is Tsatsu Tsikata To Open His Mouth In Ghana?


Who Is Tsatsu Tsikata To Open His Mouth In Ghana?

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Tsatsu Tsikata, one of the greedy bastards as described by former president Jerry Rawlings in the NDC described as damaging the fortunes of the party as a result of his strangle hold on Ghana National Petroleum Coorporation(GNPC) and the sharing of oil blocks among cronies and associates has brought himself into the news with his assertions about Nana Akufo Addo’s comments on Cote d Ivoire.

Perhaps Tsatsu should know that the issues concerning Cote d Ivoire is not like the GNPC in the 90s which he nearly destroyed after using it to sell Tinapa ,Sardines ,kako fish and salt instead of prospecting for oil.

Perhaps if he needs any reminder, he should go and read once again the World Bank Report on Ghana in 1998 that described Ghana as a graveyard for investors under his watch. The problem with the likes of Tsatsu Tsikata and other evil dwarfs in the NDC is that they don’t learn from the past.

In April 1986 during the PNDC era, he Tsatsu Tsikata then a special adviser to the PNDC ill advised former President Rawlings who was then its Chairman to launch a coup in Togo to overthrow the late President Eyadema, which resulted in 26 Ghanaian soldiers who took part in the invasion dying and 36 soldiers being arrested and paraded on Togolese Tv.

I was part of this group and lucky to be alive today after facing terrible torture in Togolese prisons. It took three years before our borders with Togo were opened and relations normalized.

I nearly lost my life because of an idiot like Tsatsu Tsikata!

A United Nations Report has implicated the Ghanaian government of supporting dissidents to launch attacks on Cote d Ivoire from Ghanaian territory.

Members of Former President Gbagbo’s government have been put up in plush houses in East legon under the supervision of the same individuals including Tsatsu Tsikata who supervised attacks against Togo 26 YEARS ago and are now the remote controllers of John Mahama who thinks like a JSS student instead of a politician who should do the right thing.

Tsatsu Tsikata, Totobi Quakyi, Arnold Quainoo and others were implicated in an Ecowas security report of aiding the capture and killing of President Samuel Doe in Liberia in 1990.

When will this recklessness against our West African neighbours ever stop?

Nana Akufo Addo, the NPP Presidential Candidate is right to call for the need to have good neighborliness and for Ghanaian territory not to be used to attack our neighbors.

It was outrageous for rockets and mortars to be firing round after round for three hours into Cote D’voire from Ghana destroying the town of Noe across the border as reported by CNN. Is the NDC government the Hamas of West Africa or Al Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb?

Tsatsu and his greedy bastard colleagues must do well to return all the oil proceeds they have siphoned from the Keta Exploration Blocks as well as the 300,000 dollars bribes they collected from Tullow Oil and Kosmos Energy last year.

The recent kickbacks of 22 million Dollars he collected from SINOPEC of China which he Tsatsu Tsikata got his wife to deposit in their offshore account in the Cayman islands.

I hope the incoming government will have the courage to collect these ill gotten gains and prosecute Mr Tsikata and anyone else involved in these disgusting financial arrangements.

Perhaps he should look into his own black heart and tell Ghanaians what he knows about how the late President Mills was killed before he was transported to 37 military hospital.

Mr Tsikata please shut your stinking mouth and leave serious politicians to debate the issues that will provide jobs, security and peace for our country. You have damaged Ghana enough!

By Lt Colonel Peter Kobina Barnes(RTD)

Former Operations Officer

Military Intelligence(1982-1991)

Ministry of Defence

Burma Camp, Accra



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