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Open Sex In Kwahu – Media Idiocy And Ignorance


Open Sex In Kwahu – Media Idiocy And Ignorance

Photo ReportingKwahu Citizens in Diaspora write to condemn the fabricated story that was carried by certain media houses and some airwaves in Ghana about the alleged open sexual intercourse that occurred at Kwahu Obomeng during the Easter festivities.

The representative of Kwahu Citizens Abroad in Ghana, Mr. Bismark Dwamena, has confirmed that nothing close to what was reported happened in Kwahu and it is unfortunate for some so-called “educated” journalists to put such an irresponsible and concocted article in the public domain without fishing out for the facts.

Unquestionably, we do believe that some journalists lack common sense needed to investigate very simple and basic alleged reports; but not to the extent that will course embarrassment to the citizens of Kwahu.

In this civilized world, it is unthinkable for a media house to publish such a shameful act without due diligence in its investigation. Easter festivities in Kwahu are meant for family reunions, commissioning of developmental projects and fundraising events.

Ghanaian and the people from all walls of the world visit Kwahu Mountains to celebrate Easter as a way of fostering unity and helping in community enhancement. Kwahus and Ghanaians in general are cultured and there is no way such an appalling behavior would ever happen in an occasion like Easter.

The people of Kwahu and the Chiefs have constantly campaigned against indecent dressing and excessive alcohol consumption on radios and press releases; this is a sign of people who are committed to moral behaviors. As Ghanaians we must encourage tourism and support Kwahu Easter activities rather than making negative reports about an occasion that attracts international personalities.

Kwahu Traditional Council should not be part of the unnecessary competition and resentment amongst media houses as to who gets the exclusivity to promote the events or not. We are for development and would support any media house or company that has program line ups for our annual development agenda.Easter is an important festival for Kwahus, both home and abroad, and our humble appeal is that reporters or journalists who attend these events must be calibers that understand their profession and have what it takes to do basic checks before they put nasty news in the public domain.

We, Kwahu Citizens Abroad, are not asking for any apologies from such phony media houses but would want to reiterate that such silliness and witlessness on the part of these immature journalists will not be tolerated; ever again. In the near future, we would work with our development counterparts in Ghana like KDA (Kwahu Development Association), Kwahu Youth Movement to monitor and enforce sanity during Easter occasions.

We would not allow some quack journalists with no experience to run down the reputation of such an international event which is participated by Ghanaians and foreigners. At the appropriate time a joint collaboration among our sister organizations will be outlined in advance to prevent such unfortunate and reckless publications.

Long live Ghana

Long live Kwahu Traditional Council

Long live Kwahu Citizens Worldwide

Source: Obrempon Ansong-Dwamena, Frederick President

Kwahuman Association of New York (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )



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