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Political Parties Are Taking Ghanaians For A Ride – Tony Aidoo


Political Parties Are Taking Ghanaians For A Ride – Tony Aidoo

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Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the Presidency, Dr. Tony Aidoo has criticised political parties and governments for failing to organise congress to discuss national policy issues apart from electing officers.

”Over the years all the political parties have been going to congress; when did they ever went[go] to congress and spend even 24 hours looking at the policy issues,?” he quizzed.

”When on both sides of the parties, do they ever go to congress and say that we are going to look at policies and programmes and projects and debate and adopt them… No they go to elect officers.

Speaking on an Accra based Joy FM, Mr. Aidoo said the Ghanaian electorate is being taken for a ride by the politicians.

”The politics of today are not played to the benefit of the electorate.”

Touching on the GYEEDA scandal and the prosecution of its former boss, Abuga Pele Mr. Aidoo said he is ”embarrassed” this is happening in an NDC administration.

”I feel very embarrassed as I sit here because for over eight years I was one of the voice’s that berated the Kufour [Former President] administration for crony capitalism and today I see evidence of it in an NDC administration.”

”It should not have happened in the first place,” he added.

He stated that the NDC in its 2008 manifesto pledged to establish a monitory and evaluation system as a means to achieve accountability and followed it up with setting up a unit.

”The National Youth Employment Programme that became GYEEDA is one of the units never ever submitted one data,” he revealed.

According to him constant reminders didn’t yield any result. There was no political muscle to ensure that people deliver. ”The warning signals that could have come with adequate data, analysis of the data and reportage to the Presidency that this is what is going was totally absent.”

He concluded by saying that of all the political parties and entities in the country, ”the NDC has the greater responsibility or duty to fight corruption and therefore the failure to me is not only embarrassing but it saddens me.”

Source: Citifmonline



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