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Return Ghana to democratic principles; PPP tells Mills

PPP tells Mills to return Ghana to democratic principles

The Progressive People's Party (PPP) wishes to ask President Mills with all due respect to ensure that his administration returns to democratic principles and tolerance in dealing with all Ghanaians.

We have cause to worry. When then candidate Mills was campaigning for votes to become president, he was a model of modesty. He could not stand what he and his NDC campaigners called the "arrogant, high-handed, heartless" attitude of the then Kufuor-led NPP administration.

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He led an "I care for you" door-to-door foot-based campaign. He was against "profligate" spending. He and his people considered the travels of then President Kufuor a waste of state resources. When the international community praised that government, candidate Mills doubted the credibility of what was said about our country.

He and his campaign team called those in government inconsiderate and vindictive. He did not think government was taking care of the needs of the ordinary Ghanaian and promised everyone "drastically" reduced fuel prices. He was the champion of the ordinary worker.

What has happened to the man of peace? Where is the modest government that would waste not? What happened to the champion of the underdog? Or was it all a ruse just to win sympathy and votes?

We are concerned that when Ghanaians complain about high prices, poor education results, blackouts, etc., President Mills now drenched in power can stare down the suffering masses and boldly say at the Mantse Agbona that "...those who are disappointed will continue to be disappointed"!

Has modesty taken flight? The President who discounted the praises of international praise words can now bask in the positive words of the Americans - so much so that he was moved to declare his three years of "accomplishments" unprecedented in the history of Ghana. Such a difference power makes!

We cannot believe that the short-lived boycott of the Multimedia broadcasting organization had the approval of democrat Mills. Our 1992 constitution requires access to be given to media organizations to government ministries, agencies and departments. When those who brand themselves social democrats decide to treat media organizations as "gate crashers", we have cause for concern.

When a leading member of the NDC cautions other media outlets to take note of government's short-lived boycott of the multimedia organisation, we are concerned. Our national anthem calls on all citizens to "...resist oppressors rule".

When the General Secretary of the NDC infers that the "special forces" outdoored on 6th March are aimed at some people in our society, we cannot help but be worried.

We do not want tyranny or dictatorship in Ghana. For the avoidance of doubt, we call on President Mills to clear the air and calm the fears of the people. We love the freedom given to us by our constitution.

Awake Ghana!

Kofi Asamoah-Siaw National Secretary

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