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The John Mahama Truth Forum's Statesment to the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo


The John Mahama Truth Forum's Statesment to the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo

Re: Repent, Nana Addo

Dear Friends,

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As we continue to advice, the opposition and Nana Addo will not stop their campaign of falsehood, concocting stories and deliberately attacking the soaring image and reputation of President John Mahama. But we wish to advice him to please, REPENT.

We take this opportunity to caution Nana Addo and the opposition to stop the publication of these false stories. Their quest for equality when it comes to negative and immoral habits will not succeed because John Mahama and the NDC have solid records.

It is regrettable that Nana Addo and Bawumia believe they can gain political power by destroying the clean image and growing popularity of John Mahama, his wife and family.

Contrary to the false reports attributed to faceless person and institutions and which we all know are the workings of Nana Addo and his assigns, there is evidential material from the US Embassy and Nana Addo’s own friends of his bad and negative habits.

His inability to defend or explain these bad habits and stop them, are the doings of Nana Addo himself. Wee smoking, violent behaviour, inappropriate relationships including the public fondling of another man’s wife cannot be acceptable in our society.

Nana Addo’s unsuitability as President, as espoused by a long time friend, Kofi Coomson, the position of the US authorities about his lack of leadership skills, and the confirmation of his drug use by personalities like Kwesi Pratt and others, are matters of public record.

Can the same be said of the wicked lie that President Mahama was pelted with sachet water and that the student nurses who did that, were beaten?

Even more shocking and indicative of the desperation of Nana Addo and his team is the claim, using false identities, that our beloved and most cherished President, John Evans Atta Mills, was poisoned to cover up what they claim are John Mahama’s corrupt deals.

We challenge Reuters and their correspondent in Ghana, Kwasi Kpodo, to own up and defend this story as coming from their news agency. We know that this is the handwork of the opposition, because there is no truth to the claims. We challenge the opposition, Nana Addo and Reuters to stand up and defend their lies.

Mr. Kwasi Kpodo, are you the Reuters source that Nana Addo’s team claim they spoke to? If you are, please say so and provide the evidence.

What is intriguing is that the claims in that false publication attributed to a non-existent writer have been trumpeted and published by the opposition and Nana Addo’s aides all the time. So couldn’t they have been a little smarter?

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In fact, on Thursday October 25, 2012, regular contributor to ghanaweb and other pro-opposition newspapers, and known member of the opposition party, Daniel Danquah Damptey wrote in an article published on ghanaweb that President John Mahama killed his former boss to stop him from exposing the former's corrupt deals in the purchase of aircrafts.

Google is the world’s most powerful online research platform. You can find absolutely anything credible or dubious on Google. Our checks have revealed that:

• The writer, Antoinete Bruce DOES NOT exist.

• Her supposed organisation, Global Travel Journal Network DOES NOT exist.

• Reuters DOES NOT have a “Senior West African Correspondent” in Accra. Mr. Kwesi Kpodo is the only Reuters reporter in Ghana.

• Finally, there is absolutely NO Reuters news report about the cause of death of President Mills. So how and where the NPP got that report from, beats our imagination.

On the heels of the flat-footed Mills poisoned story, Nana Addo’s team published yet another story allegedly based on a special investigative report by globally respected Transparency International that indicted President Mahama and his wife for stashing $170 million being loans and grants to Ghana in a Switzerland bank.

We are very happy to note that the local chapter of Transparency International has debunked this opposition-concocted story attributed to AP News.

How will any right thinking person believe that funds advanced to our country will be paid into the private account of a Vice President?

Mr. Nana Addo, you cannot win an election by engaging in these bedroom stories seeking to damage your opponent. Your dented political and social lifestyle cannot be remedied, yes. But you cannot succeed in denting any other’s image with falsehood.

As was noted by Nana Akyea Mensah (on modernghana.com) in reaction to the gibberish from Nana Addo and his team, “In fact the level of ignorance of Ghana's loan repayment schedules and protocols regarding bank accounts, puts this hoax in the class of the unintelligent lies and propaganda that keep coming from certain quarters.”

He continued: “All I wish to say now is that the impersonation of a news agency to propagate vile and defamatory propaganda of this nature, is probably criminal. I would look swiftly for the source of the hoax and deal with them according to the law. If the Ghana Police is interested, I have very clear ideas that can lead to the identification of the culprits behind this crime! I do not know President John Mahama that well.

As soon as it became clear that he was the one going to contest the NPP's Akufo-Addo for the Presidency in the forth-coming elections, I started reading tags of him being corrupt. That worried me, but I did not know what to make of it. Now I know. If a lie of this nature needs to be fabricated in order to inform Ghanaians how corrupt President John Mahama is, then it is because they have nothing against him. And if people who are determined to present him as corrupt have nothing really against the man, after all these years, then logically the man must be clean!

For me, he does not only enjoy the benefit of the doubt just like every anyone else, but he has my trust, because he has been scrutinized by enemies with hostile intent, and they have found nothing!”

The JM Truth Forum is, for the very last time, advising Nana Addo and Bawumia to stick to the facts and stop the character attacks on the president, his wife, and family.

We wish to restate our reminder to Nana Addo that when people say he is a wee smoker and has other violent tendencies, these claims are based on documented reports from known and existing institutions like the US embassy and his own friends and associates, not based on concoctions and fabrications like they have been trying to do.

We would like to serve notice, that all the media houses that irresponsibly published the above useless, and fabricated stories on their websites may in future be held accountable to provide the evidence to back their publications.

We would like to also plead with the NPP to allow the soul of the late President to rest in peace.

We thank the millions of discerning Ghanaians and voters who have seen through the desperation of the NPP and their all-lie-be-lie campaign against the president.

We encourage you to come out in your numbers to vote massively for John Mahama and confirm your rejection of Nana Addo’s politics of lies, violence, and intimidation.

Thank you.


James Kofi AFEDO (Convener)

For & on behalf of the

JM Truth Forum

Twitter- @jmtruthforum




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