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Can Mills Cage Rawlings?


Can Mills Cage Rawlings?

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This is what Rawlings told the youth forum at Ho. "Former President Rawlings said the NDC is a very special phenomenon that came out of the PNDC and AFRC and questioned how many of the youth of the party will report to the President on the negative happenings on the ground.

“How many of you will for instance report the poor performance of District Chief Executives. Forty percent of them are under-performing. Some of them are outright incompetent. “If you the youth see things and do not say it and I say it then I become an easy target all the time. But the reality of what I say is out there and you have to voice it out,” the former President said."

The solipsism of Rawlings took center stage when the vindictive, self-serving raving lunatic former head of state met the youth in a forum organised by the Youth Wing of the NDC party at Ho last Saturday.I know there is enormous panorama of opinion as to where the hecklers of the day and armed robbers of the night who call themselves the youth wing of this party get their moral support from. Listening to the statement bloviate from Rawlings, one is left with no choice but to believe Rawlings is the brain behind the lawlessness going on in Ghana by using the youth wing of NDC to create chaos and havoc and make ruling of the country too hard for the hugger-mugger Mills administration.

Folks, don't get me wrong, when one live with rats, the possibility of growing whiskers to adapt to the living enviroment of rats cannot be avoided. Mills is the beneficiary of Rawlings hypocracy and I have no sympathy for him for tasting the other side of Rawlings sword, good for him. Now Rawlings is urging his drug addict zombies to defy laid down rules of his own Party and take the law into their hands without any regard to authority.

Rawlings has realised that, coup d'tat is not going to be entertained in Ghana even if he can find some fools in the Army to help him carry one out so as cunning as a fox that he is, he has found another avenue to make himself relevant in an administration that has shunned every move of his to control it by turning to the mostly unemployed 'korbolors' who make their living robbing innocent Ghanaians to carry water for him. Can you blame Rawlings for taking advantage of a slow and coward President who is afraid to act due to his need to be liked by everybody? This is a President who is afraid to take a position on any issue and instead resorted to setting up committees to even decide when he should take his prescribed nose bleed medicine.

The day this President lost the respect of the country was when he acceded to the armed robbers who call themselves NDC Youth wing and fired that thief called Carl Wilson who was stealing cars for the Castle Mafia. Remember this Carl Wilson stealing endevour came out a few months ago and we were made to believe that, this guy who might not even be Ghanaian was on his way out of that job but immediately after the furor has died down, he was allowed to keep his job and continue to steal cars. He was only dismissed because he started seizing cars belonging to NDC sympathizers which did not sit well with some people in NDC including the Party chairman, Dr Kwabena Adjei. Does the President need the NDC Youth wing to tell him to fire a car thief operating under his nose from the Castle?

A couple of weeks ago, the Minister of Upper East Region and the Police Commander of that region refused to grant the Mamprussis a permit to hold a festival at Bawku due to the security situation of that town but the Mamprussi youth who doubles as the NDC youth wing of Bawku told the authorities they will go ahead and hold their festival, permit or not. What is amazing is that, the Mamprussis went ahead and had their festival despite being denied the right to hold this festival, thank God, there were few minor incidents during the celebration of this Mamprussi festival. What all these incidents by the NDC various youth wing portray is that, they are above the laws of the land as the Commander of the Yendi Police attested to: that, he is not prepared to arrest these hooligans from NDC because he is not ready to lose his job by taking such a formidable force on.

" But the reality of what I say is out there and you have to voice it out,” the former President said."

Is this not inciting the youth to take the laws into their hands? Is Rawlings not committing the same crime Nana Darkwa is charged for making statements that can cause disturbances in the country? Why is Rawlings not arrested? Does he has more rights as a citizen than Nana Darkwa?


What is Rawlings telling the Youth of this lawless NDC Party to do? Take the law into their own hands and start seizing NHIS, NYEP offices and resort to mob rule? That is exactly what they did when immediately after his speech, the Yendi wing of the NDC youth wing appropriated to itself the administration of that district by running the DCE of Yendi away by threatening his life if he dares come back to Yendi.

Our beloved country has a vacuum at the Presidency since the man elected to rule has an aversion of making decisions and will rather allow the NDC hooligans being encouraged by the narcisstic schedenfreude Rawlings to rule under proxy through the NDC Youth bandits.

Source: Justice Sarpong Houston, Texas.



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