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Aow, President Mills!


Aow, President Mills!

I recently read a story about the outgone leader of Brazil, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was soloved by his political party and the rest of the citizenry that they simply did not want him to leave office.

An Associated Press (AP) report quoted a 43-year-old Brazilian woman as saying, "If Lula ran for President 10 times, I would vote for him 10 times. I am voting for Dilma Rouseff, (the New President) but the truth is, it will still be Lula who will lead us."

After reading the story, especially the above quotation, I asked myself; Aow, aow, aow, what crime at all has our President, Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, committed that even people from his own party hate him so much? Some people have insulted him a-a-a-a-a that they even wished him dead. And now, two years into his reign as President some elements within his National Democratic Congress (NDC) party are literally pushing him away, Aow! Sometimes I see him on television and I feel so sad for him that I have to hold back the little tears I have left in my small eyes. Aa, ah, ah, ah, man is not supposed to cry.

I would have shed some tears for Prof. Oh, yes! The point is that if the President is disturbed by what some people in the country and his party are doing, it may affect his concentration on the big job ahead of him, which is to move the country forward in the right direction, and we will all suffer. It is only the President, who as a presidential candidate, has the entire country as his constituency, so he needs the support of all to succeed, Period! Ghanaians! Why are we like that? Why, why, why? When President John Agyekum Kufuor was in office, people insulted him a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a and bothered him with all manner of things Hotel Waa Waa, Gizelle Yadzi, Kick Back, etc. Even now that the man is out of office some people will not let him rest.

As for my Achimota School and Air Force Barracks friend and ex-President, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings, if insults could kill, the handsome pilot would have died 10 times already. People insulted him papa! Ei The insults were not small o-o-o-. Big, big ones! What is of serious concern to me is that with Prof Mills, besides the insults it appears some of his officers are sleeping and thus making his work overly difficult. Why would the President have to meet with University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG) and all the tags before calm is restored on the labour front in the education sector? Why? so the minister and his deputies at the education ministry could not handle the problems of UTAG and POATAG?

How? And now we are hearing that the President has had to step in to facilitate the smooth start of the operations of Glo in the local telecommunication sector. Glo, a Nigerian Company, is alleging that some elements in the system are frustrating its move to operate in Ghana. Oh, hoo! The minister and his lieutenants could not handle that matter too?

Again, so called foot solders within the ruling NDC are creating problems for the party and the country as a whole and all that the NDC Regional Chairman could do was to assure the President of what I don't know!

Aow, aow, aow, hehehehehe, now I am weeping for Prof Mills because frankly, some ( I mean some) of his people are not helping him at all, Aow, heheheheheheeh!

Recently, all 10 Regional Chairmen of the NDC party paid a courtesy call on President Mills at the Castle to assure him of their loyalty and support in his future ambitions. The move by the Chairmen came in the wake of a fallout from the June 4 celebrations where a group called Movement of Nana Konadu for 2012’ started a debate about whether or not the Former First Lady is harbouring plans to become the NDC flagbearer for the 2012 election.

Then a few days ago some Nana Konadu For President posters adorned some walls across the country and again there were assurances from some people. Aow, Prof. Mills, hehehehe! Today they are giving you assurance, tomorrow insurance, the next day they will tell you to look for endurance! Ei!

You see, the country is so polarized that everything is given a partisan political tag. So whenever there is an issue, some people on one side of the divide just belive strongly that someone is out to do them in.

So it came to pass that there was an alleged robbery on a Yutong bus during which there was an alleged mass rape. And then it was described as a hoax. And then a few days after the alleged rape/robbery, the same Yutong bus was involved in a road accident that claimed five lives - what a bus? As I am writing, the women who broke the news of the robbery and mass rape on the Yotong bus is facing trial and deceit of public officer and causing fear and panic… hold on, I hear she has been granted bail for now. This law again, eh?

Source: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /The Mirror, 06 November 2010



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