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“I will never apologise to Agyenim Boateng” – Akomea


“I will never apologise to Agyenim Boateng” – Akomea

It seems the tango between the New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament for Okaikoi South, Nana Akomea and Deputy Tourism

Minister, James Agyenim Boateng, is far from over after Nana Akomea maintained he would “absolutely not” apologise to the deputy Tourism Minister, unless the latter does so first.

The NPP’s head of Communication made his declaration on the same media platform he made his initial comments, Joy FM.

The two men exchanged hot insulting words during a radio discussion programme on Saturday August 6, over the controversial mystery tape in which it is alleged that the deputy Information Minister, Baba Jamal is heard promising some journalists car and cash as reward for propagating stories that will propel President Mills’ agenda ahead of the 2012 general elections.

Members of the NDC government have rubbished the content of the tape, describing it as a fabrication and a ploy to tarnish the image of Baba Jamal. However, the NPP believes the tape is authentic and has called for further investigations.

Discussing the issue on Joy FM’s News file on Saturday, Hon. Nana Akomea and Hon James Agyenim Boateng engaged each other in hot exchanges over the mystery tape.

Nana Akomea in his opening remarks called for a voice expert to authenticate whose voice it was on that tape but the Deputy Minister dismissed his call and said there was no need for such an expert.

“…You find a Member of Parliament, a Director of Communications of the opposition political party who holds a press conference, denigrates a deputy minister of information, runs him down, runs a whole government machinery down; makes serious allegations as wanting to bribe and corrupt journalists. He sits on a platform like this, you give him the opportunity to prove the very issues that he calls a press conference and speaks to, then he says that lets find an expert to establish the authenticity of the tape. What kind of shameful conduct is this” Agyenim Boateng questioned.

“The point is that everybody who knows Baba Jamal and has heard his voice before will tell you; you don’t need to be a voice expert to tell that that is not Baba Jamal’s voice on that tape. And I think it betrays the intelligence of those who addressed that press conference to come up with something as ridiculous as that”.

“Nana Akomea should be telling us when this meeting took place…” “There are simple, sensible, basic questions that ought to be asked as far as this tape is concerned,” he said.

When asked by Nana Akomea to withdraw his comments James Agyenim Boateng added “I will not withdraw anything I have said in relation to this tape.”

Obviously infuriated by the comments by the former Information Minister, the Communications Director of the NPP responded, “You are a stupid fool. If you will sit on this programme and call me unintelligent. You are a stupid fool and you are a minister,” Akomea said harshly.

He refused to apologise or retract his comment.

Asked whether he was willing to apologise on Monday August 8, two days after raining insults on the Deputy Minister, Hon. Nana Akomea replied “absolutely not”.

Source: Citifmonline



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