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Sanctions await erring media, spin doctors - Supreme Court warns


Photo ReportingSanctions await erring media, spin doctors - Supreme Court warns

The Supreme Court hearing the ongoing election petition has issued a final warning to the media and party representatives that the court will not hesitate to punish anyone found culpable of “twisting” and “spinning” information in relation to the court proceedings.

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President of the nine-member panel, Justice William Atuguba who issued the warning Monday said the “uncontrolled power” that had been acquired by the media would be “halted”.

This is the third time the court has issued a warning to both the media and the parties since the petition got underway, warning over inexactitudes in the manner proceedings are reported or the manipulation of same.

Justice Atuguba said although several warnings had been issued that the court would not accept any “unacceptable” statements from lawyers involved in the case and the media, it seemed not to be yielding any fruits.

He cited as an instance a Daily Guide newspaper report which alleged that some boxes containing pink sheets in his custody had been retrieved and another instance in which his colleagues on the panel drew his attention to reports that KPMG’s final report on the audited pink sheets which was yet to reach the court had already found its way to the press.

Justice Atuguba reaffirmed the authority of the court and its duty to protect the sanctity of the state and said it was not about to lose that stewardship to any individual or group of people since that could result in anarchy.

Accordingly, he said, “any person be it in the media or not who crosses the final touchline on proper coverage and reportage on our court proceedings will be met with the appropriate response from this court.”

“So let this be known, much as we don’t want to visit any unpleasantness on anybody, it is our bounding duty to uphold the authority of the state in the judicial sector.”

“Therefore, this acquisition of uncontrolled power to do what people want in relation to twists and spins on our proceedings will be halted through the sanctions of the court,” he cautioned.

By Jasmine Arku/Graphic.com.gh

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