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The straw that broke the camel's back

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Photo ReportingThe straw that broke the camel's back

IF you do not know Ghanaians very well, you might that [think] they are among the most docile creatures created by The Almighty. They can tolerate situations which would make the people of other countries reach for their machetes and/or even guns. And they can give the impression haven't "heard" an insult that has been hurled at them.



What Sort Of Journalism Is Being Practised In Ghana Today?

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the press

Photo ReportingWhat Sort Of Journalism Is Being Practised In Ghana Today?

I applaud the BBC TV programme, Panorama, for unmasking a journalist called Mazher Mahmood, who used to disguise himself as a rich Sheikh and entrap people of all sorts, especially celebrities, into making silly statements or taking drugs, so that he could “expose” them in his newspaper, the now dead News of The World.cameron-duodu



Is Asantehene Indeed Above the Law?

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Photo Reporting- Asantehene: Otumfuor Osei-Tutu IIIs Asantehene Indeed Above the Law?

Would my readers, please spare me a moment of their precious time while I sail them through some of the latest actions by Asantehene that confirm his overwhelmingly despotic attitude which is normally frowned upon, by jurisprudence as well as tradition and custom?



The Legend Of Tarzan - Prez Mahama Writes

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free speech

Photo Reporting: Press FreedomThe Legend Of Tarzan - Prez Mahama Writes

0ne of Ghana’s most important pillars of democracy is the freedom of speech, particularly its active employment by independent media. Our country boasts over 300 privately held broadcast media outlets. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that there ever existed a time when our sources of news, information and entertainment in the broadcast arena were not dictated by choice.

Sanitation beyond “clean-up exercises”

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Photo Reporting: Ghana- Sanitation and Criminal SentencingSanitation beyond “clean-up exercises”

Last Saturday, many Ghanaians, led by the President, did a public clean-up of the environment after he declared 1ST November “National Sanitation Day”. The initiative was prompted by yet another cholera outbreak that, according to the President had affected 9000 and taken 85 lives.