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Blasphemous art profits through provocation


Animated ChristBlasphemous art profits through provocation

From Monty Python to Madonna, religious beliefs of all kinds have always been an appealing targets for artists. Blasphemy is inextricably linked to the history of art. And blasphemy sells.

Trend for slim fashion models only skin deep in Ghana


A model at Ghana fashion and design week.Trend for slim fashion models only skin deep in Ghana

Skinniness is increasingly common on the catwalks of west Africa, but on the street it is seen as unattractive and even taboo

Ecce Homo 'restorer' wants a slice of the royalties


Celia Giménez, 80, took it upon herself to restore the fresco Ecce Homo in the church of the northern Spanish agricultural town of Borja. Photograph: APEcce Homo 'restorer' wants a slice of the royalties

Cecilia Giménez, who made a painting of Jesus look like a very hairy monkey, wants economic compensation

German 'Transition Towns' ride wave of change


Photo ReportingGerman 'Transition Towns' ride wave of change

The Transition Town movement in Germany wants to help cities survive without oil. Every citizen is expected to make a contribution. Münster, a university town in northwestern Germany, also wants to make the transition.

Beethovenfest and the strong-minded genius


Fresh from Vienna: a vegetable orchestraBeethovenfest and the strong-minded genius

"Eigensinn," or strong-mindedness, is the motto of this year's Beethovenfest in the composer's city of birth. It's a motto that speaks to Beethoven fans, but also invites visitors to think about the meaning of art.