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Agudey shoots himself in the foot


Agudey shoots himself in the foot

A simple question as to how Mr George Aggudey, the 2004 Convention People's Party presidential candidate could win the CPP presidential race and subsequently the presidency drew venom from the aspirant.

But for the timely intervention of some CPP supporters who had gathered to cheer their aspirants who filed their nominations for various positions in the party on Monday, Mr George Aggudey, the 2004 CPP presidential aspirant would have turned the CPP headquarters at Asylum Down into a boxing ring.

Mr George Aggudey, who could not withstand the simple question from media practitioners started raining insults on any reporter who dared to ask him a question.

As he addressed the press Mr Aggudey intermittently had a bellicose posture, pointing his fingers at the reporters and threatening to slap them.

It all started when this reporter asked Mr Aggudey how he was going to win the CPP race, and subsequently the 2008 presidential elections against the background that he had less than one per cent of the valid votes cast in the 2004 elections.

Mr Aggudey who could not take the question from the reporter lightly, flared up and started pointing his fingers at the reporter, branding him as one of the people who had caused the downfall of the CPP.

He said he was offering himself for the second time, which he described as the best time because Ghanaians had already had his message since 2003.

This reporter drew his attention to the fact that the 2004 message earned him less than one per cent of the total votes cast in the 2004 elections.

“What percentage did Abraham Lincoln get to became President, he contested four times plus elections, Mr Aggudey said, and when he was again asked if he wanted to be like Abraham Lincoln to lose four elections he flared up.

”My friend, how many jobs have you changed. It is you people in the media who try to draw the party down. You should always see the best part of the CPP. Without the CPP you and myself will not be where we are.

He said there was nobody who had worked faithfully for the party than he had done, especially when people were calling on CPP supporters to vote for President Kufuor during the presidential elections and vote for them as Parliamentary candidates, where were those reporters?

At this juncture, the reporter sensing danger had to beat a retreat to avoid being the recipient of Aggudey's anger. But other reporters around asked what the media had done wrong to deserve his wrath.

Mr Aggudey, raining insults on a Citi FM reporter, Mr Richard Sky, for daring to ask that he (Mr Aggudey) did not do a vigorous campaign and was also not marketable enough.

Mr Aggudey advanced towards the reporter, threatening to slap him while at the same time verbally assaulting him, pointing to the two Lincoln cars he had brought.

The unfolding scenario attracted many people to the CPP Headquarters to join supporters to calm down Mr Aggudey who was using such words as “stupid”, “foolish,”, “buulu”, kwashia”.

He told Mr Sky that he (Mr Aggudey) was better off in life than him(Sky) and that he could buy more than four of the Citi FM stations with what he had but the Citi FM reporter could not buy a single Lincoln's tyre.

Many people came in to plead with Aggudey to calm down , but he continued with his threats, which lasted for well over 45 minutes, while the visibly shaken Mr Sky quickly called his office to bring a car to pick him.

While all these were going on, Mr Bright Akwetey came in with a brass band to be followed later by Dr Kwaku Osafo, another presidential aspirant, on a motor cycle, a scene which shifted much media attention from Mr Aggudey to him.

According to Dr Osafo, he was stuck in traffic and to meet the deadline, he had to plead with the motor rider to give him a lift to submit his filing papers and fees.

Mr Akwetey and Dr Osafo who sat side by side used the same pen in filing their forms in the full glare of the media and to the admiration of party supporters, urged the national executive to ensure that no single candidate hosted delegates or provided transport for them to the venue of the congress.

They urged the national executive to provide a level playing field for all the aspirants to give credence to the democratic credentials of the CPP.

At about 7.30 p.m., the media thought Dr Edmund Delle was the final person to file his nomination and were preparing to go and file their stories.

They were told that the General Secretary, Prof Nii Noi Dowuona, who had been receiving all the nomination papers and fees was also filing his nomination to contest the position of National Vice Chairman.

After filing his nomination papers Prof Dowuona and his assistant, Mr Daniels, invited the press to the conference room for a briefing, only for the Tema-based private medical practitioner, Dr F.W.K. Asante-Akuffo to enter the conference room midway at bout 7.45 p.m. to file his nomination.

Prof Dowuona had to suspend the press briefing to collect Dr Akuffo's documents amidst laughter from the press men.
Mr Ladi Nylander, Mr Iddrisu Egala and Dr Edmund Delle are contesting the position of national chairman.

Mr Eric Benyako, Madam Araba Bentsi Enchill, Mr Oteng Anane, Dr Abu Sakara, Mr Chris Yaw Zigah, Mr Kojo Armah and Prof Nii Noi Dowuona are vying for the position of national vice chairman, three of whom will be voted for.

Five people are vying for the general secretary position. They are Messrs Michael Nunoo, Ivor Greenstreet, Sekyin Kumba, Ekow Duncan and Michael Kosi Dedei.

Mr Mike Eghan, Nii Oti Okunnor and Dr Ardolf Luttrodt are, contesting the position of national treasurer while Nana Kweku Dumfeh, Ms Evelyn Anabila, Mr Henry Nii Abossey Thompson and Mr Amankwa Appiah are vying for national organiser.

Hajia Hamdatu Haruna and Ms Rosemary Anim were the only women contesting the National Women's Organiser position.

For the National Youth Organiser's position, Messrs James Kwabina Bomfeh and Francis Opai Tetteh are the contestants.

Story by Donald Ato Dapatem

Source: Ghanazone, 24 October 2007



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